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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
Heron and Cat: Next Steps
by Christopher Diggins
June 16, 2006
News about the Heron and Cat programming language, and what is on the horizon.


I have completed a new version of the Cat interpreter which will be posted this weekend (by Sunday June 18th). I should be finished a prototype Cat to MSIL compiler by August 1st in time for my talk on Cat at the .NET Programming Languages Symposium in Redmond at Microsoft.

Even though Heron has been dormant for a while, there will be a working version by the early Fall which compiles to Cat. There will also be some documentation, finally! This will mean that the next version of Heron will also compile to .NET. If there are any brave souls who attempt to write a Cat to JVM compiler, then this will automatically give me a Heron to JVM compiler as well. Hopefully, you can see a method to my madness now.

All of my work still is on my own time, and it hasn't yet been picked up on the Microsoft radar, despite the fact that I work there. I'm a rather insignificant cog there for the time being. This may or may not change with the symposium. Depends on whether or not the movers and shakers feel there is merit to the work I am doing.

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