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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
Recursion in a Stack Based Language
by Christopher Diggins
July 8, 2006
It appears that you can automatically identify and rewrite any recursive call in a stack based language like Cat, as a loop using a goto statement.


In Cat I wanted to inline every single function call. Essentially I wanted to replace functions with macros. Ideally the whole language would be based on a series of rules for rewriting the syntax (more on this in a future installment).

The single challenge I faced with this approach was how to deal with recursion. Macros do not allow recursion. I believe I found the answer: goto.

Consider the following psuedo-code in Cat (the code is "psuedo-code" because it uses an old version of Cat syntax, the new form is extremely cryptic and will possibly be revereted to this form again):

  define a = b [a] [c] if;
This gets rewritten as:
  define a = #a label b [#a goto] [b] if;
This seems to work in all cases, unlike the similar tail-recursion optimization common in functional languages. This whole "label" and "goto" syntax syntax would also be hidden from the programmer.

Am I missing anything here, or is this sufficient?

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