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Mickey’s Infinite Copyright
by David Goodger
September 26, 2006
One of my graphics was recently featured in a BoingBoing story and is now available as a sticker. This is the story behind that graphic.


I like to dabble in the graphic arts from time to time, when I have an idea. My work is featured here, on my home page. I use Inkscape to create SVG (scalable vector graphics) files. Here's one of my ideas:

Mickey's Infinite Copyright

(Copyright ©2005-2006, David John Goodger, released under a
contact me if you’d like to do something commercial with this image.)

After being featured on Boing Boing, this image is now available as a sticker from, with 22% ($1) per sale going to the Creative Commons.

When will Mickey Mouse's 1928 debut, Steamboat Willie, enter the public domain? At the current rate, never! As of this writing, it's 78 years old, fer cryin' out loud!

What this means is that nothing in the commercial creative world (books, art, film, music, etc.), published during your lifetime, will ever enter the public domain in your lifetime. In other words, it's locked up for life. That's really sad, and disastrous for dynamic culture! You can fight this trend using Creative Commons licenses on your work.

Please feel free (as in freedom) to put this on personal T-shirts, especially if you’re visiting Disney World or Disneyland, or attending a Disney film premiere ;-). I guess the next step is to open a T-shirt shop...

Free Mickey!

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This weblog entry is Copyright © 2006 David Goodger. All rights reserved.

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