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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
Intentional Programming?
by Christopher Diggins
October 8, 2006
I was writing code in front of a colleague of mine yesterday and he noted that my style was a form of intentional programming.


My approach to writing code is to write a program as if there existed a super library which could already perform virtually any task I needed done. This way I simply write my algorithms in a very direct and straightforward manner with little planning or thinking. I then use the compiler to note what functions need to be filled in, which I do using the same technique, and so on recursively. The result of this technique is code which maps closely to what I am trying to achieve -- what my intention is -- and as a result is easy to read and manage.

Intentional programming is similar in that it is related the idea of expressing a programmer's intent in the source code. However intentional programming usually seems to imply the usage of another less formal language, though I don't believe it is neccessary. Here are some links to Intentional Programming on the web:

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