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PyCon 2007: Call for Topics and Session Idea Feedback
by David Goodger
October 25, 2006
In which your humble narrator ponders what to speak about and asks for community input.


PyCon 2007 is to be held in Addison (Dallas), Texas on February 23-25. There's less than a week left to submit talk proposals, and only 3 weeks left to submit tutorial proposals. So it's time to hustle.

I've been thinking giving one or two talks and/or a tutorial, but I'm not sure what to present. I'd like to talk about language features or general programming topics that would be of use to programmers in the wild, along the lines of Jeff Rush's Talks at PyCon that Teach How to Be Better Programmers post. Something like "Generators 101", "Decorate-Sort-Undecorate & Other Essential Python Idioms", "Selected Design Patterns", or "Objects, Identifiers, & Namespaces". So, if you're thinking of attending PyCon, what topics would you find useful? 30/45 minute talk, or 3 hour paid tutorial (on February 22)? Please reply in a comment here or by email (goodger at python dot org).

Would people like a Docutils/reStructuredText-related talk? What about, specifically?

Another idea I had was to have an interactive Q&A session, without prepared slides or examples, depending on the audience for questions. This could be titled "Ask An Expert" (or, if others joined in, "Ask The Experts"). Would you be interested in that? In what form (scheduled talk, 3-hour paid tutorial, informal "open space" session)?

Other ideas are welcome too! I'll summarize the ideas I receive and share them on the PyCon organizers/volunteers mailing list in time for last-minute proposals.

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