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Back on board ...
by Matthew Wilson
December 3, 2006
After a prolongued hiatus from public writing activities (articles, blogs, books) throughout 2006, I'm about to stage a comeback. For those with nothing to do with the next 120 seconds, here's an explanation of why, and what you can expect in the coming months.


The reason for the absence is twofold:
  • I've been busy, both with the preparation of my second book, Extended STL, volume 1 (, and with the unwelcome but necessary intrusion of the world of work
  • The death of C/C++ Users Journal and my monthly deadlines for column instalments have allowed me to get a bit off track

For now (Dec 06), though, I've taken two months off from my hectic schedules to work on my third book, which has been bubbling away all year, and distracting me from my other tasks. It is entitled Breaking Up The Monolith (, and it's going to be a break (in style) from the previous two. It's going to be unique in a number of ways, as I'll probably explain more over the next couple of months (because I intend to try again and see whether this blogging lark suits me).

One of the unique features about 'Monolith is that it will describe the development of several high-quality libraries in accordance with the concepts, patterns and principles discussed in the first half of the book. Some of these are available already; others will appear over the coming months. One that I believe already worth your time is Pantheios, the "ultimate C++ logging API library". Check it out at

Thanks for listening.

I'll be in touch ...


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Matthew Wilson is a software development consultant and creator of the FastFormat, Pantheios and STLSoft libraries. He is author of the books Imperfect C++ (Addison-Wesley, October 2004) and Extended STL, volume 1 (Addison-Wesley, 2007), and is currently working on his third, Breaking Up The Monolith: Advanced C++ Design Without Compromise. He has published over 60 articles on C++ and other topics, and has served as columnist and contributing editor for C/C++ Users Journal. Matthew believes that code should be discoverable and largely self-documenting, and lives up to that by being a hopeless documentor. He can be contacted via or

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