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The Future of Online Dialog
by Eric Armstrong
April 16, 2007
Weblogs let individuals publish their thoughts. Wiki pages let people edit each others writing. But there is as yet nothing that really helps to carry on a far-reaching design discussion in cyberspace. We need such a tool for collaborative design and decision making.


These ideas are still pretty theoretical when it comes to online discussions, even though they have a strong track record when it comes to facilitated, face-to-face discussions. (Previous incarnations of the tools found that they really only work when the discussion is carried on live, and a moderator keeps things running. But I haven't quite given up on an online incarnation.)

The idea-threads that are mega-interesting to me include:


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Eric Armstrong has been programming and writing professionally since before there were personal computers. His production experience includes artificial intelligence (AI) programs, system libraries, real-time programs, and business applications in a variety of languages. He works as a writer and software consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. He wrote The JBuilder2 Bible and authored the Java/XML programming tutorial available at Eric is also involved in efforts to design knowledge-based collaboration systems.

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