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JavaOne 2007: Key Points on Keynote Sessions
by Arash Barirani
May 8, 2007
Java is set to "reach humankind" by providing key Java features to empower Mobile device technology, especially rich content and networking.


Java's goal this year is to "reach humankind" by striving to project Java's desktop capabilities and benefits onto mobile devices:

  1. Java SE 6.0 main objective: "Faster, faster, faster"
  2. A new scripting language with rich content support is born: "JavaFX"
  3. Java SE network and key capability such as rich content facility + JAVA ME = JavaFX Mobile. Sun has set itself to close the gap between key services and facilities offered on desktop and mobile devices. A mobile demo was given, and it looked good. What I am not exactly sure of is what is JavaFX all about? I will find out this afternoon at 1:30pm as they will have a general session on it.
  4. Scott McNealy announced support for the creation of "" a website that provides all sort of science and educational information for younger kids. He asked everyone to help out by registering on the site and creating an active community.

Tomorrow, I will write in greater detail about specific sessions.

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