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Why I want a Ruby version of <Project-X>
by Eric Armstrong
December 13, 2007
In this case, it's why I want a Ruby version of Drupal. There are some good reasons that apply in the general case...


Josh Huckabee created a really great piece of flypaper with his blog on Drupal and Ruby on Rails. I landed there, and just had to comment. In it, he wondered why someone would be searching on a combination of those two terms. This was my response...

I, too, searched on "Ruby and Drupal", and landed on your page. I'm guessing that my goal is the same as that of many other searchers--finding a CMS with many of Drupal's terrific features, but implemented in Ruby.

These are my reasons for looking for a Ruby-based implementation. They can probably be applied by just about anyone with a language preference to just about any project:

Hopefully, that helps to explain why folks keep finding your page after a search. BTW: I'm grateful for the pointers to Mephisto and Radiant CMS. Apparently, they are somewhat equivalent to Drupal, so they're worth a strong look. (In return, I felt I owed you a semi-choherent explanation!)

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