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Book Preview: C# Query Expressions and 3.0 Features
by Bruce Eckel
March 11, 2008
This is a free sample of a book that I have been working on with my coauthor Jamie King. As of March 2008, the full book is not yet available. However, this sample covers C# 3.0 fundamentals, and provides a full grounding in C# 3.0 Query Expressions.


Download Here

It's become more common for authors to offer a few pages or sometimes a chapter of their text to the public as a means of marketing. Our aim is to not only provide a sample, but also a useful stand-alone text. By itself, this sample provides any C# 2.0 programmer a foundation in C# 3.0.

This is intended to be a useful mini-book on its own, not just a teaser: it's 239 pages long and includes 82 exercises and solutions. The full book is filled with many more exercises and solutions.

The full text includes more material from Query Expressions chapter. It also includes additional chapters that cover LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML, respectively.

We hope you find this sample useful. If you wish to purchase the full text, you may do so when the full book is released; watch this blog and the website for further details.

Remember that this is a preview, and you will see items that have not yet been completed. The finished work will fix all such errata.

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