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Django Wired
by Bruce Eckel
March 25, 2008
Wired Magazine, April 2008, page 44. Expired: ASP.NET, Tired: PHP, Wired: Django.


I think I've been using Python for close to 12 years now, and it's been my favorite language for much of that time (I've given 2 keynotes and one or two talks at the Python conferences. It's by far my favorite language to consult in). Long enough to get used to the fact that people typically don't get it ("Yes, I always indent my code like that anyway, but I could never use a language that REQUIRED it!").

In fact, being misunderstood by the world at large is almost de rigeur in the Python culture. So it's surprising when the world seems to occasionally get it.

Another example: this year's Pycon T-shirt was taken from the xkcd webcomic.

I'm not into Django myself; I'm more interested in the flexibility of the approach taken by TurboGears 2 (I just spent a significant amount of time cleaning up the TurboGears 2 Wiki Tutorial). However, I think the combination of choices offered by Django + TurboGears covers people's needs better than a single monolithic approach, and Django appears to be the right solution for a large portion of the applications out there.

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