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Diagrams in UML: A Survey
by Christopher Diggins
June 15, 2008
I am conducting a research survey with Dr. Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj at Concordia University concerning the role of diagrams in UML. I am inviting software development professionals with any level of experience in UML to participate.


The objective of the survey is to gain a better understanding of the role of diagrams in software development and how the experience of using a diagramatic notation such as UML can be improved by polling the perceptions and impressions of software professionals.

The results will be published in a publicly available technical report. The name and the affiliation of the participants will be kept confidential.

The url for the survey is Your participation would be greatly appreciated!

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Christopher Diggins is a software developer and freelance writer. Christopher loves programming, but is eternally frustrated by the shortcomings of modern programming languages. As would any reasonable person in his shoes, he decided to quit his day job to write his own ( ). Christopher is the co-author of the C++ Cookbook from O'Reilly. Christopher can be reached through his home page at

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