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Podcasts I listen to
by David Goodger
July 10, 2008
A list of what & why. Mostly tech-oriented 'casts, with the odd, odd exception.


Podcasts (of the audio-only variety) are great for making use of the boring and otherwise mindless time I have to spend: walking to the bus stop, walking between the train station and work, etc. (I don't listen on the train because I value what hearing I have left.) Here are the podcasts I listen to regularly, and some less so.

LugRadio: "Four Large Gents" in England talk about all things Linux, in an often bawdy (bad words are used) and humorous way. "LugRadio Syndrome" often results: laughing out loud on the bus, train, or sidewalk. In their fifth season, they recently marked their 100th podcast. Unfortunately, they have also decided that the fifth season will be their last.

LugRadio is the one that got me started with podcasts. I bought a digital audio player just to listen to it (those adventures are related in "DRM and the 800-pound gorilla").

The Linux Action Show: Bryan & Chris have a show that's similar to LUGRadio, but distinct. Their news docket is useful listening, plus reports, interviews, listener feedback, and rants.

PyCon Podcast: Recordings of talks from past PyCons (Python community conferences). We're still getting our act together for the 2008 material. At the very least, it should be good marketing for PyCon 2009!

Python 411: Hobbyist Ron Stephens talks about points of interest in the Python world. Occasional interviews and guest tutorials. It has been inactive until lately, with one relatively recent episode after several months of silence (Ron has been busy).

SModcast: Movie director Kevin Smith and producer Scott Mosier -- creators of the films Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and others -- get together and talk about literally anything. Beware: not for the faint of heart. I've learned about some subcultures, fetishes, and perversions that I had no idea existed -- and I'm not sure I wanted to know.

CBC Spark: A short weekly radio show on "tech, trends, and fresh ideas". It often has interesting segments.

stackoverflow: Joel Spolsky (of Joel on Software fame; recommended reading) and Jeff Atwood discuss their upcoming programming Q&A site in weekly phone conversations. A recent addition; so far it's mildly interesting.

Occasional listens:

I'm trying out Ubuntu UK Podcast and Linux Outlaws to fill the void left by LugRadio's departure. Both seem decent. Linux Outlaws may make my regular playlist, and Ubuntu UK Podcast is probably destined for the occasional listen.

What do you listen to?

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