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Jeff Atwood on Quality versus Quantity
by Frank Sommers
August 7, 2008
In his popular blog, Jeff Atwood suggests that becoming a great developer has more to do with the quantity of code you produce than with an explicit desire to produce high-quality code from the start.


In a recent installment of his popular blog, Jeff Atwood writes that when desiring high quality output, focusing on quality can be counter-productive. Instead, Atwood says that a focus on quantity, rather than quality, can lead to better results:

Quantity always trumps quality. That's why the one bit of advice I always give aspiring bloggers is to pick a schedule and stick with it. It's the only advice that matters, because until you've mentally committed to doing it over and over, you will not improve. You can't.

When it comes to software, the same rule applies. If you aren't building, you aren't learning. Rather than agonizing over whether you're building the right thing, just build it. And if that one doesn't work, keep building until you get one that does.

While I do think that some amount of agonizing—thinking through and doing some up-front design—is absolutely necessary for high-quality results, such results seldom come about purely because of the initial design. Rather, as most recently Scott Bain writes in his wonderfully written Emergent Design: The Evolutionary Nature of Professional Software Development, the best design emerges from the codebase itself, over some period of time—perhaps as a result of refactoring, re-architecting, or even a re-write (the latter, however, is a dangerous proposition, and may not lead to improved quality). That suggests that for quality to emerge, some codebase needs to exist in the first place, and that one way to achieve high quality code is to keep tending to that codebase.

What do you think of Atwood's suggestion that when desiring great quality, a focus on quantity is more important than a focus on quality itself?

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