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Speaking at a Castle in Denmark
by Bruce Eckel
December 4, 2008
I will be giving two presentations at the annual conference of Javagruppen, the Danish Java user group, January 9-10 at the Hindsgavl Castle.


This is billed as "a small and cozy Java conference." That, and the fact that it takes place in a castle (OK, I don't see any turrets or a moat, either, but it still looks pretty interesting) attracted me to this event. Despite what you might imagine, traveling internationally to speak at conferences is not particularly profitable, especially when you include the preparation, travel and recovery time, so I've started only going to events that look like they are going to be enjoyable, special and interesting. The Python Conference in Brazil, for example, definitely met all those criteria, and they treated me like visiting royalty.

My presentation topics will be:

Here is the link to the JavaGruppen site, and here is the direct link to the conference. Other speakers at the conference include Rickard Öberg, Neal Ford, and Guillaume Laforge.

I'll be in Copenhagen, adjusting to jet lag and being a tourist on the 7th until the afternoon of the 8th. I can probably do a book signing or something similar on the evening of the 7th, so if you are in a position to arrange such a thing, or you have other ideas (I'm always up for a bit of Python consulting, for example), please contact me.

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