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Thinking Aloud
Matrix Revolutions
by Johan Peeters
December 7, 2003
The plot summarized and deconstructed.


We showed 'Matrix Revolutions' at JavaPolis the other night. The plot: man is good, machines are passable, software is evil.

Isn't it ironic that we show such movie at a software conference? Hollywood does not seem to be catering for the software community yet. I for one cannot believe the story about Neo being a programmer. If so, surely he should have known about kill -9 (or ctrl-alt-delete, End Task) and saved himself and a whole lot of other people (and machines) an awful lot of trouble. Maybe not as photogenic, but then the plot could have panned out and taken on whole new dimensions. How about crossover sex, for example. The subject of love amongst programs was briefly touched upon but bushed aside before it could work up even a small head of steam.

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