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What are Your JUnit Pain Points, Really?
by Bill Venners
October 26, 2009
Today I gave a presentation about ScalaTest at a local company. I showed ways ScalaTest integrates with JUnit and makes it easier to do some things that are harder to do with JUnit in Java. It made me curious to find out what JUnit users would say are their actual pain points today with JUnit.


With the recent release of ScalaTest 1.0, I have started an effort to explain to people what ScalaTest is all about. A few years ago I had a series of blog posts asking people to describe their actual pain points for Java, Ruby, C#, and Python, and I realized that it might help me explain ScalaTest better if I could gain a better idea of what people actually find painful using JUnit today.

Please post your list of JUnit pain points in the discussion forum. To weed out minutia (JUnit pin pricks), try and limit yourself to your top three pain points, in reverse order. Your most painful point will be your number 1, second most painful number 2, and third most painful number 3. Lastly, for each pain point, please try and explain the real business cost of the problem. By the way I don't intend this to be criticism of JUnit, but more as a user feedback fest, which would also be useful to the people who bring you JUnit.

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