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Farewell, JavaWorld, and Thanks
by Bill Venners
January 21, 2004
Although still serving archived articles, JavaWorld has stopped publishing new content. It has been a great resource for the Java community, and a lot of fun to be a part of. It deserves some applause.


JavaWorld has closed its doors. It is still serving up pages from the usual place, but is no longer publishing new content. I would like to take a look back at JavaWorld, and say a few words of appreciation.

JavaWorld gave me my start in writing. My very first article ever published, "The Lean Mean Virtual Machine," appeared in JavaWorld in May 1996. That article ended up being the first in a series of articles about the JVM, a column called, Under the Hood. The second article in that series, "The Class File Lifestyle," prompted a literary agent to contact me about writing a book. And that led to Inside the Java Virtual Machine, my first and so far only book. After Under the Hood, I wrote two other columns for JavaWorld, Design Techniques and Jiniology.

In addition to writing, I also learned about editing and publishing articles on the web from JavaWorld. As a result, much of what goes on here at is informed by what went on at JavaWorld. The structure of Artima articles, the once-a-week publishing cycle, the top center of Artima's home page -- all were inspired by JavaWorld.

So I am personally grateful for the opportunity I had to write for JavaWorld. I wanted to say thanks in particular to the editors: Michael O'Connell, Jill Steinberg, Carolyn Wong, Jenni Aloi, Theresa Gonzalez, Jennifer Orr, Scott Plamondon. You guys rock. Thanks also goes to IDG, the authors, and everyone in the production staff. It was a great to be a part of your adventure.



You can fairly easily see JavaWorld's influence on the structure of Artima articles by comparing this article in JavaWorld with its reprint at Artima:

Originally published in JavaWorld: Under the Hood: The Lean, Mean Virtual Machine

Reprinted at Artima: The Lean, Mean Virtual Machine

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