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EuroPython 2010
by Michele Simionato
May 25, 2010
The EuroPython conference will be held in Birmingham UK, 19th to 22nd July 2010.


Just a short note to remind my readers that this year I will be at the EuroPython conference in Birmingham, 19th to 22nd July 2010.

I have been missing from EuroPython for a few years, but this year the schedule looks fantastic. Lots of first class Pythonistas and Guido van Rossum will come too!

I will give a talk titled Introduction to Functional Programming which had a lot of success at the recent Italian PyCon. It looks like there is a number of people interested in functional programming these days.

Next year EuroPython will be held in Florence, Italy (and I am in the organizing committee, so I know what I am talking about ;). If for any reason you cannot come to Birmingham, consider a vacation in the beautiful Florence next year!

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Michele Simionato started his career as a Theoretical Physicist, working in Italy, France and the U.S. He turned to programming in 2003; since then he has been working professionally as a Python developer and now he lives in Milan, Italy. Michele is well known in the Python community for his posts in the newsgroup(s), his articles and his Open Source libraries and recipes. His interests include object oriented programming, functional programming, and in general programming metodologies that enable us to manage the complexity of modern software developement.

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