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ScalaTest 1.6.1.RC1 for Scala 2.9.0 Released
by Bill Venners
June 5, 2011
Today I released a candidate for the next version of ScalaTest for Scala 2.9.0, ScalaTest 1.6.1.RC1. This release includes all the enhancements of ScalaTest 1.5, plus one new trait, BeforeAndAfter, a few deprecations, and improved documentation.


Today I released ScalaTest-1.6.1.RC1 for Scala 2.9.0. This release includes several major enhancements from ScalaTest 1.4.1, the previous release for Scala 2.9.0, including:

For a complete list of the changes from ScalaTest 1.4.1, see the release notes for ScalaTest 1.5, which had the same changes relative to ScalaTest 1.3.

In addition, 1.6.1.RC1 includes a few other enhancements relative to ScalaTest 1.5:

I reworked the Scaladoc documentation describing shared fixtures to make clearer the intent and tradeoffs of each way of doing shared fixtures. For an example, read through: the relevant documentation for FunSuite.

I added the BeforeAndAfterEach/AllFunctions traits in 1.3. I deprecated them for two reasons. One is that the trait names were too long. The other was that BeforeAndAfterEachFunctions has a beforeEach method that takes one parameter, and so does BeforeAndAfterEach. If these two traits were mixed together there was an (extremely unlikely) chance you could accidentally invoke the wrong beforeEach. BeforeAndAfter replaces BeforeAndAfterEachFunctions, with before replacing beforeEach. If you used BeforeAndAfterEachFunctions, you can get rid of the deprecation warning by changing your code to use BeforeAndAfter instead. If you used BeforeAndAfterAllFunctions, you can get rid of the deprecation warning by changing your code to use BeforeAndAfterAll instead.

I deprecated the MultipleFixtureXXX traits because I decided that using explicit conversions to implement multiple fixtures yields more readable code than using implicit conversions. You can continue to use the implicit conversion approach if you wish, of course. To get rid of the deprecation warning, change "MultipleFixtureXXX" to "FixtureXXX with ConfigMapFixture".

Give it a try

You can download ScalaTest-1.6.1.RC1 for Scala 2.9.0 via the Maven repository with:

Or you can just grab the jar file from:

I put the Scaladoc for this release candidate up here:

ScalaTest 1.6.1 for Scala 2.9.0 will be released final as soon as an RC proves itself to be worthy. Please give it a try and let me know if you find if any bugs or code-breakages. (I expect no source code to break with this release, so let me know if you have a problem.) Please post feedback to the discussion forum for this blog post, or email the scalatest-users mailing list. (Once 1.6.1 is out in final form, I'll also release a ScalaTest 1.5.1 that has the exact same features, but for Scala 2.8.1.)

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