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Odersky Explains Shared-Memory Concurrency
by Bruce Eckel
August 4, 2011
In his 17-minute keynote at O'Reilly OSCON Java 2011, Martin Odersky gives one of the more succinct and clear explanations I've seen on why shared-memory concurrency is virtually impossible to get right.


Here's the link.

Years ago at one of the CodeMash conferences, Brian Goetz gave a more in-depth presentation on the subject. This was, I think, a little before he published Java Concurrency in Practice. In his presentation, he made a very convincing case that showed how nearly-impossible it is to write correct code for shared-memory concurrency (Java threads, in his speech). More importantly, even if you do get it right it's incredibly fragile, so that any change in your code can easily introduce new concurrency bugs, and because testing is not possible, you don't know when these bugs appear.

For some reason, Brian didn't want the talk to be filmed or otherwise distributed. This is unfortunate because it was a great explanation of the difficulties; from my own experiences I was already mostly convinced that shared-memory concurrency was the wrong path but Goetz' talk finished the process.

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