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Speaking in Grenoble, France and Stockholm
by Bruce Eckel
September 27, 2011
I'll be in Europe from October 7-19, giving two conference presentations and speaking at one or more user groups.


I'll be in Barcelona two full days, the 7th and 8th, primarily being a tourist but if there's a user group there we can try to arrange an appearance. The conference in Grenoble is on software and hardware control systems in accelerators and experimental physics where I'll be on a panel Tuesday evening the 11th and giving a keynote Wednesday morning the 12th. That evening I'll be speaking at the Alpes JUG. I'll be in Grenoble from the 10th, leaving the morning of the 14th to go to Geneva to see the accelerator there. On the 15th I'll fly to Stockholm, be a tourist for a day or two, then keynote at the Scandinavian Developer's Conference on October 18. I'll also be speaking at the Swedish Java User Group.

The title of my keynote is "The Power of Hybridization," making the case for using multiple languages within a single project. Most of the examples are things I have blogged about here over the past six months. Slides will be available via a link at (But the link will not appear until October 12, when I give the first presentation -- I'm sure I'll be working on them right up until then).

I grant permission and encourage anyone attending either of these presentations to video it and put it up on the web (I've told the conference organizers this so they may do it but I don't know if that will happen). Ideally this will happen and you'll be able to see the video; I'll post any video links that I get.

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