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Summer Workshops: Gentle Intro to Scala & Get Your Groove Back
by Bruce Eckel
June 20, 2012
The earlier workshop came about because of a last-minute opportunity, thus the short notice. Both follow the open style that I've been developing in recent years.


A Gentle Introduction to Scala

A 4-day Workshop with Bruce Eckel & Dianne Marsh, based on their upcoming book "Atomic Scala."

Where: July 18-21 2012 in Crested Butte, Colorado

Size: Limited to 8 people

Who: Folks who have never seen Scala

More details here: A Gentle Introduction to Scala

Get Your Groove Back Summer Camp

Occupational Therapy for Those Whose Success Has Been Rewarded by Removing Them from The Very Thing in Which They Succeeded.

Are you a technical manager (or in a similar position) who doesn't get to do anything technical anymore? Do you feel like you've fallen behind in technology, or do you just itch to get your hands on "the fun stuff" again, but without all the pressures of work and having to demonstrate success or justify the use of your time?

Come experiment in a judgement-free environment with like-minded and open-minded folks. Break up your time with interesting discussions on hikes and other outdoor activities in stunning scenic mountains.

More details here: Get Your Groove Back Summer Camp

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