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Sharpening the Saw
Automated Design
by Matt Gerrans
March 21, 2003
Think about designing your application as an automation server for scripting languages.


Thinking about how your application would be scripted by a scripting language helps you understand your designs better, even if you ultimately decide not to make your application macro- or script-enabled. When you think about how it would be scripted, you need to come up with a logical and simple object model. If you design from the get-go with this idea in mind, your app can run as if it were being scripted by the user, or as if the user were a script.

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Matt Gerrans is's C# columnist. Matt began his professional life as an electronic engineer but quickly saw the light and switched to software development. He now has more than 12 years professional software development under his belt, including work in C++, Java, Python, and yes, even JavaScript.

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