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Ward Says, Don't Try This at Home
A is for Apple
by Ward Cunningham
April 13, 2003
You may have already known that A is for Apple. But did you know that O is for O'Reilly? Check out what Google reports for single character queries.


A is for Apple
B is for B'Tselem, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the ...
C is for
D is for D-Link Systems, Inc.
E is for Welcome to E! Online
F is for Welcome to F-Secure, Securing the Mobile Enterprise
G is for G*Loomis
H is for H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences Online
I is for Yahoo!
J is for J-PHONE
K is for KDE Homepage - Conquer your Desktop!
L is for : l'info au quotidien. L'actualit? ?conomique, ...
M is for 3M Worldwide
N is for SBC Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Explorer : Online Learning : ...
O is for -- Welcome to O'Reilly & Associates -- computer ...
P is for Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Q is for - The World's Greatest Music Magazine Online
R is for The R Project for Statistical Computing
S is for GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software ...
T is for AT&T
U is for The whatUseek Network
V is for Welcome to Bobby WorldWide
W is for Welcome to the White House
X is for
Y is for Yahoo!
Z is for HealthAtoZ - Your Family Health Site

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Ward Cunningham is a founder of Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. He has served as Director of R&D at Wyatt Software and as Principle Engineer in the Tektronix Computer Research Laboratory. Ward is well known for his contributions to the developing practice of object-oriented programming, the variation called Extreme Programming, and the communities hosted by his WikiWikiWeb. He is active with the Hillside Group and has served as program chair of the Pattern Languages of Programs conference which it sponsors. Ward created the CRC design method which helps teams find objects. Ward has written for PLoP, JOOP and OOPSLA on Patterns, Objects, CRC and related topics.

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