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What Would You Ask James Gosling?
by Bill Venners
April 29, 2003
I'll be interviewing James Gosling one week from today, my fifth annual interview with the creator of Java. I'm collecting ideas for the interview. What would you like to hear James Gosling talk about?


I'll be interviewing James Gosling one week from today, my fifth annual interview with the creator of Java. I feel very fortunate to get the opportunity to do these interviews with James Gosling. For me, the James Gosling interview is always one of the more interesting 60 minutes of each year. In addition, my interviews with James Gosling for JavaWorld were what originally put the idea in my head to perform interviews of a great variety of software thinkers and doers on

With this weblog post, I'd like to stimulate some creative brainstorming for the interview. Not that I'm running out of ideas, exactly, but I'm curious what readers would want to know from James Gosling. I'm looking for innovative, fresh ideas.

Although I don't expect anyone to read all of this material before posting their ideas, here are the previous four interviews I did with Mr. Gosling:

A Conversation with James Gosling (February 2002) -- Java's creator discusses semantic models, mobile behavior, abstraction versus vagueness, testing, and repetitive stress injury.

A Conversation with James Gosling (May 2001) -- Java's creator discusses inheritance and composition, JSPs and Servlets, community design processes, and more.

A Conversation with James Gosling (May 2000) -- Java's creator speaks on developer tools, the realtime JVM, mobile objects, strict interfaces, and more.

A Conversation with James Gosling (May 1999) -- Java's creator speaks on interfaces and protocols, servers and services, Jini, Java in the enterprise, and more.

Please post any suggestions you may have for this year's James Gosling interview by clicking on the Talk Back! discussion forum link below. Thanks.

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