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Ruby on Rails
Did I tell you I love Manning?
by David Heinemeier Hansson
April 26, 2004
Manning is making all the right steps in ebook publishing. Public displays of affection is the least I can do.


With Repligo finally up and running on my new ebook reader, errr phone, I'm reminded how much I love buying books from Manning. I recently finished reading Art of Java Web Development (nicking all the good ideas I could find for Rails) and now I've just bought AspectJ in Action (following a recommendation from Tirsen).

I'm really looking forward to picking up Hibernate in Action and Java Reflection in Action when they become available. If only Manning would branch out a little and start offering books on the language I care about the most.

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David H. Heinemeier has been working with the web since '96 as a writer, project manager, and now programmer. As a freelance developer working on his own, he takes a keen interest in all matters surrounding personal and team productivity. This has lead to his current cocktail of Ruby on Apple using agile development and social software, for all of which he's an incurable evangelist.

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