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I'd rather use a socket.
by Robert C. Martin
May 19, 2003
SOAP, RMI, CORBA, RPC, Middleware, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'd rather use a socket.


I was on a conference panel recently. Someone in the audience asked a question about the future of SOAP and other similar messaging middlewares. The panelists all answered in various interesting ways. When it was my turn I just said: "I'd rather use a socket." To my surprise I got a polite sprinkling of applause in response.

I think we have gotten framework happy. If a framework exists we feel honor bound to use it. We are like the construction workers in Don Adam's "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" who were building a bypass through Arthur Dent's house. When he asked them why they were building it they said: "You've got to build bypasses."

I think the industry should join frameworks anonymous and swear off gratuitous framework adoption. We should all start using sockets and flat files instead of huge middleware and enormous databases -- at least for those applications where the frameworks and databases aren't obviously necessary.

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