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I always get more done after everybody else leaves
by Charles Bell
July 24, 2004
You really need to be uninterrupted to code properly.


I always get more done afer everybody else leaves.

It seems my best coding always comes when I can freely concentrate and not be interrupted all the time. The work place and the workday is just one kindergarten classroom like interruption after another.

But when everyone else finally goes home, the phone down the hall stops ringing, doors are not opening and closing, people shuffling back and forth down the hall, THEN can you effectively think and program efficiently. Everything else is just too little and not well thought out.

You have to be able to think about the big picture.

I wish I could have a really quiet place to work all day long.

I despise the phone calls and the interruptions and everybody needing me to do this and that. But it brings in the paycheck. Oh if I could only have a whole day to get all the neat code ideas I think of all worked out.

What's it like for you??

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Charles Bell is an instructor in the training department of a nuclear power plant, where he was a programmer and supervisor of the power plant simulator for many years. He is currently developing a web based exam bank for all the training departments in the company. His first program was in Fortran on punch cards on an IBM 360 about 1970. If he's not Java programming, he's looking through his 12 inch Meade telescope, hoping to discover a new comet.

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