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Visions and Sawdust
Wow, XML standards really are simple after all
by Sean Neville
June 30, 2003
Confused by the chaotic maelstrom of XML specifications coursing through all those standards organizations? Take a look at this, and enlightenment will follow...


This diagram puts it all into perspective, doesn't it. Sheesh.

Ok, sarcasm again. We can't seriously expect typical developers to make sense of this stuff, even those who just love to read specs. But for a giggle, try this piece of humor I picked up from a friend at Sun -- show that diagram to your hardware engineer friends and bask in the reaction: "Hey, a schematic! I think those software XML guys are really on to something!"

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Sean Neville is a software architect at Macromedia where he is focused on creating the Flex platform. His previous projects include the JRun application server and Flash-related products for J2EE and .NET. His experiences include membership in the JCP Executive Committee and numerous JSR expert groups; authoring articles, contributing to books, and speaking on enterprise topics; financial services app consulting; building doomed yet fun web startups; maintaining open source projects; and half-decent fiddling of Irish jigs and reels.

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