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This is Rediculous
Is the Java Revolution Over?
by Rick Kitts
October 22, 2004
Yes, that's the question we should all be asking ourselves.


I saw this the other day. It seems like this issue has come up periodically. I find it incredibly boring.

I saw this today. It seems like this issue has come up periodically. I find it incredibly sad and embarrassing.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it's time to raise the level of discourse in the industry. It seems to me there is a lot more fun to be had figuring out how to build working systems that are elegant, useful and extendable than in building yet another damned persistence layer for some language that happens to be in vogue because it's, say, dynamically typed.

I think I can safely say that none of the real problems I face have much to do with the fact that I need to do casts, or the fact that I can't express something with less typing or whatever. In fact, none of the problems I face have much at all to do with the language I'm using. No, the problems I have now are the same problems I had 15 years ago. Reducing complexity, increasing robustness, enhancing expressiveness. Stuff like that. I suppose it's possible I'm missing something, but I don't see any language that helps me with those things at the fundamental level I'm looking for.

Perhaps that's why I'm not a Thought Leader.

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