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What Would You Ask Anders Hejlsberg?
by Bill Venners
July 25, 2003
Next week Bruce Eckel and I will be co-interviewing Anders Hejlsberg, the chief architect of C#. Although we already have several topics lined up to ask to Anders about, I'd like to give readers a chance to post their own ideas for the interview. What would you like to hear Anders Hejlsberg talk about?


Microsoft was kind enough to grant Bruce Eckel an interview with Anders Hejlsberg, and Bruce was kind enough to invite me along. So next week Bruce Eckel and I are heading up to Redmond to interview Anders Hejlsberg, the chief architect of C#. We are planning an in-depth technical interview, focused primarily on design choices Anders and his team made when designing C#. The interview will appear as a series of articles here on, and as audio on a CD-ROM of interviews being prepared by Bruce.

A few months back I asked what readers would want to hear James Gosling talk about before his interview, and I thought I'd give you all the same opportunity with Anders Hejlsberg.

For context, here are some past interviews with Anders:

Please post any suggestions you have for the Anders Hejlsberg interview by clicking on the Talk Back! discussion forum link below. Thanks.

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