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Bill Venners

Bill Venners is President of Artima, Inc.

Although he currently spends most of his time bringing the website to developers, Bill Venners is also available to give on-site training seminars and provide architectural and strategic consulting for your company or development team. In particular, Bill can provide the following consulting services:

If you would like to inquire about consulting or training, please e-mail Bill at, or contact him at the address or phone number below.

Bill Venners' real-world address and phone number is:

Bill Venners
Artima, Inc.
P.O Box 390122
Mountain View, California 94039-0122

(408) 516-9913 (Voicemail and FAX)

Before Java

Grimacing over C++ and MFC. Here's is a picture of Bill Venners, circa 1995, back before he'd ever heard of Java, when he spent most of his time programming C++ and MFC on Windows. Note the pained look on his face as he types into the keyboard.
Photo Courtesy Matt Gerrans
After Java

Smiling over Guinness--I mean Java. By contrast, here's Bill in the spring of 1999, drinking a Guinness in a pub in Dublin, Ireland, where amateur musicians were making beautiful music in the next room. Bill looks so happy because it had been almost four years since he'd written a line of C++, MFC code. He's all Java now.
Photo Courtesy SKC

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