Article Discussion's Rohit Valia on On-Demand Batch Applications
Summary: Sun's grid computing utility,, has evolved in the past year into an on-demand hosting platform for batch-oriented applications. In this interview with Artima, product manager Rohit Valia describes the kinds of applications is suited to serve, and how developers can publish and rent out their applications to others through
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    May 23, 2007 11:16 AM      
    In this article, Rohit Valia describes how helps developers distribute high-performance computing applications on Sun's grid computing facility:

    What do you think of Sun's strategy of building a compute utility that ISVs and developers can use to rent out software for on-demand use?
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      Re:'s Rohit Valia on On-Demand Batch Applications
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      How does it compare with Amazon's EC2 and other webservices