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The C++ Source is a peer-reviewed, online journal for the C++ community. As its name implies, it is the authoritative source for C++ information. Its advisory board consists of some of the best-known names in the C++ industry, including the language's designer, Bjarne Stroustrup. We are looking for authors to write great articles in three categories—feature articles, tutorials, and commentary.

In our Feature Articles section, we publish technical articles for C++ practitioners. A feature article should be practical. It should in some way help practicing C++ programmers do a better job—be more productive, write more efficient code, write more maintainable code, get more out of the C++ language, etc. In our Tutorials section, we publish articles that introduce new concepts to C++ programmers. Tutorials can cover topics such as C++ language features, C++ APIs, the use of C++ with other technologies. Seasoned C++ programmers with opinions are invited to write articles for our Commentary section.

Keep in mind that The C++ Source is peer-reviewed, so you may wish to show your article to a few of your closest C++ friends before submitting it to our review process. In addition, remember you needn't limit yourself by what is typically presented on the printed page, as these articles will be published online on the World Wide Web.

To propose an article for publication in The C++ Source, please submit a query that includes the information shown below to Chuck Allison, editor, at (This is a "white-list" spam-blocking account—you will need to reply to a one-time challenge response mail.) Alternatively, you may submit an already completed article. If you submit a completed article, please include, along with your article, the Mission/Scope, Previous Publication, and Biographical Information items from the table below.

Query Information
Title A proposed title.
Word Count We prefer articles 1500 to 3000 words in length, not counting source code.
Mission/Scope Why would C++ Community readers care about your article?
Delivery Date When could you deliver the finished manuscript to us for editing?
Supportive Materials Describe any code samples, applets, graphics, etc., that you might include with your article.
Summary An overview of the article's content.
Previous Publication URLs or examples of articles or papers you've published previously, if any.
Biographical Information Why are you qualified to write this article?

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