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Instiki picks up and moves out

2 replies on 1 page. Most recent reply: Apr 23, 2004 9:34 PM by Frank Mitchell

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David Heinemeier Hansson

Posts: 512
Nickname: dhh
Registered: Mar, 2004

Instiki picks up and moves out (View in Weblogs)
Posted: Apr 21, 2004 9:36 AM
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Instiki is a instant-on wiki based on Ruby, Madeleine (Prevayler for Ruby), WEBrick, and rendering by Textile, Markdown, and RDoc. Yearh, I'm pimping it alright.

Instiki is now in it's 0.7th release and already my default pick for any new content-oriented venture. It's used heavily in the study group to keep notes for our law class and write our bachelor's project (plans for a LaTeX-exporter is in the works). We've also installed it in Socialistisk Folkeparti for the internal side of our Social Software study (the external part is a weblog for member of parlement Margrete Auken).

On top of that, I'm running a wiki to collect knowledge on my new 3G phone from Motorola. A new commercial project I just started on uses it for requirements specifications. A friend of mine developing Mac shareware uses it to coordinate the development of their two projects. And of course Instiki itself is hosted on Instiki.

And it's apparently not just a mother's love, either. Russell wrote about wikis for intranet use yesterday and two different people immediatly jumped in to promote Instiki. Awesome!

So I thought it was about time for it to move out and onto its own domain:

Matt Gerrans

Posts: 1153
Nickname: matt
Registered: Feb, 2002

Re: Instiki picks up and moves out Posted: Apr 21, 2004 10:41 AM
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Looks nice! I only read your post, looked at the links it contained and fooled around a little in the sandbox, but I already like it better than most wikis I've seen.

Frank Mitchell

Posts: 37
Nickname: fmitchell
Registered: Jan, 2003

Re: Instiki picks up and moves out Posted: Apr 23, 2004 9:34 PM
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I've been toying with Instiki for a little bit, and I have to agree it's pretty cool. So far, I've just been jotting notes on the personal programming projects I'll get to Real Soon Now, but I like how easy it is to install ('tar xzf ...'), run ("ruby instiki.rb"), and use. Good work.

A few suggestions:

* I know it's already in your TODO, but file upload would be nice. Images, especially, really perk up a page, and I'm too lazy to copy files manually.

* Does Instiki note which editing mode was used on each page? Recently I converted from Textile to Markdown, and I had to fix up a number of pages manually. (Extra cool would be to transcode the old markup to the prevailing style when a user edits the page.)

* In earlier versions, I entered some text that the markup engine didn't like, and as a result the page became unviewable. A little tool to roll back one change at a time would be helpful (cuz' hacking the *.command_log file in vi didn't work for me ...)

* As simple as Instiki is, a little more documentation, particularly a hacking guide, would be helpful.

Maybe one of those RSN projects should be to work on a patch for one or more of the above ...

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