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Reader Comments For
Inside the Java Virtual Machine
by Bill Venners


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Thank you for your excellent book. I've been writing programs in Java for a couple of years now and it has really helped me get insight into the guts of the language. Thanks again for a wonderful read!

Noah S. Friedland, PhD

Recently bought your book, which is worlds easier then reading the JVM Specification! I also love your applets. They make things a lot easier to understand.

Paul Bathen

Your book, Inside the Java Virtual Machine, is one of the best-written and most helpful books in my Java collection.

Louis Barton

I just finished your book, Inside the Java Virtual Machine, and would like to thank you for a very useful piece of work!

Antoine Trux

I purchased a copy of Inside the Java Virtual Machine. Although I've only read Chapters 7 and 8, I'm extremely pleased and impressed by the detail therein. You answered many questions that surfaced, including, "which class loader does the VM construe to have loaded classes for which a dynamic class loader delegated responsibility by calling ClassLoader.findSystemClass()?"

While I was at Lotus Development Corporation I coauthored a text for Prentice-Hall entitled "Inside the Lotus Add-In Toolkit." The technology we discussed was similar to Java - a platform neutral, partially compiled language whose byte codes required a runtime virtual machine on which to execute.

Our goal as authors was to convey technical material with accuracy and good humor. We really sweated the terminology and paid special attention to consistency and technical detail - as developers we wanted this text to be useful and correct. As readers, we polished our English usage because we dreaded reading most popular technical texts.

All this is by way of reinforcing my feedback on your work. When an author takes the time to write complete sentences, to develop a conversational tone, to be consistent in terminology, and to provide real value added rather than simply reiterating (often imprecisely) the published specifications, I sit up and take notice.

David McCall

A detailed and methodical book on Java virtual machine. This book is a must if you are planning on writing a JVM on your own or you have ever been wondering 'What the heck it takes to execute a .class file'. This book is a welcome relief to all those who may have just read the specification on Java virtual machine and looking for something more explanatory.

Gopal Ananthraman

I'm really enjoying reading your book. It has lots of good stuff that I feel will make me a better Java programmer.

Joel Nylund, Principal, American Management Systems

What an incredible book the JVM book is. Congratulations. Everything in it coheres. It feels like one is reading a book on software by someone who is sane! Above all there is this sense in your narrative of strong continuity, and fabulously informed common sense. Just the texture of your thinking is captures one. Thank you, thank you and Thank you again.

Dr. Frank Dowlat

Nice book! It explains JVM internals very clearly. I'm very glad I bought the book, and have used it several times already in just a couple of weeks.

Bill Rieken

Congratulations on the high quality of your book, Inside the Java Virtual Machine (2nd Ed). It has undoubtedly been the single most useful book I've bought in years. I've recently been writing a JVM, and your book has been of immense help in filling in the huge gaps left by Sun's JVM spec. It has also, I'm very glad to say, been a refreshing change from the stolid compiler/language texts I'm used to reading -- some of your comments (e.g. "When a thread invokes a native method, it enters a new world in which the structures and security restrictions of the Java Virtual Machine no longer hamper its freedom.") were absolutely inspired Thanks again for the fun and education I've received from your book.

Matt Newsome
Senior Engineer
Compiler Development Group
Hitachi Micro Systems Europe Ltd

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