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Inside the Java Virtual Machine by Bill Venners
Winner of Java Report's
1998 Writer's Choice Award


Java Report asked its contributors for feedback on what they believe to be some of the more exceptional products and tools they had encountered in 1998, and Inside the Java Virtual Machine was one of the chosen products. Here's what Antoine Trux, Java Report author, had to say about the book:

Getting to the Heart of Java

Inside the Java Virtual Machine, by Bill Venners,
publisher: McGraw-Hill/ISBN: 0-07-913248-0

Order Inside the JVM

In this superb piece of work, Bill Venners explains in detail the inner workings of the Java virtual machine (JVM) by presenting possible implementations of many parts of that intricate piece of software. It is therefore a welcome complement to Sun's official specification. Each concept is clearly presented, often with the help of sample code. The accompanying CD also contains enlightening demos about the inner workings of the virtual machine. This book will be greatly appreciated not only by VM implementers, but also by anyone just curious to understand a component that's at the very heart of Java.

Antoine Trux, a Project Manager at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki, Finland.

The above quote is taken from the December 1998 (Volume 3, Number 12) issue of Java Report magazine, a SIGS publication.

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