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A Conversation with Anders Hejlsberg (July 2003) -- Anders Hejlsberg discusses many aspects of C# and .NET.

A Conversation with James Gosling (May 2003) -- James Gosling discusses many aspects of programming.

  • Part I: Analyze this! -- How James Gosling's current research project, code-named Jackpot, builds annotated parse trees for programs that can help you analyze, visualize, and refactor your program.
  • Part II: Failure and Exceptions -- How to build solid apps, organize your catch clauses, scale checked exceptions, and deal with failure.

A Conversation with Elliotte Rusty Harold (March 2003) -- Elliotte Rusty Harold discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the various XML processing APIs for Java, the design problems with existing APIs, and the design philosophy behind XOM.

A Conversation with Vienna Teng (February 2003) -- Vienna Teng discusses the creative process and dream chasing.

  • Part I: How Vienna Escaped the Cubicle -- How Vienna Teng, a 24 year old Java programmer at Cisco, landed a record contract, quit her day job to pursue her passion in music, and before long ended up on the Dave Letterman show.

A Conversation with Bruce Eckel (August 2002) -- Bruce Eckel explains why he loves Python.

  • Part I: Python and the Programmer -- Why Bruce feels Python is "about him," how minimizing clutter improves productivity, and the relationship between backwards compatibility and programmer pain.
  • Part II: The Zen of Python -- Why Bruce prefers Python's valuing programmer productivity over program performance, Python's you-want-it-you-can-have-it attitude, and Python's zen-like learning curve.

A Conversation with Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas (January 2003) --

Pragmatic Programmers Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas discuss software development:

A Conversation with Rob Gingell (November 2002) -- Frank Sommers interviews Sun Microsystems' fellow and chief engineer Rob Gingell, the chair of the Java Community Process (JCP), about the JCP.

A Conversation with Guido van Rossum (July 2002) -- Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, gives insights into Python's design goals, the source of Python programmer productivity, the implications of weak typing, and more.

A Conversation with Scott Meyers (August 2002) -- Scott Meyers, C++ expert and author of numerous books including Effective C++, talks with Bill Venners about many topics of object-oriented design, including the use of multiple inheritance in light of Java's interface, designing minimal and complete interfaces, public data members and contracts, and the utility of const.

  • Part I: Multiple Inheritance and Interfaces -- how Meyer's view of multiple inheritance has changed with time, the C++ community's take on Java's interface, and a schism of focus between the C++ and other prominent development communities.
  • Part II: Designing Contracts and Interfaces -- interface contracts, private data, and designing minimal and complete interfaces.
  • Part III: Meaningful Programming -- the importance of saying what you mean and understanding what you say, the three fundamental relationships between classes, and the difference between virtual and non-virtual functions.
  • Part IV: Const, RTTI, and Efficiency -- the utility of const, the appropriate time to use RTTI, a good attitude about efficiency, and Scott Meyers' current quest for general programming principles.

A Conversation with Martin Fowler (August 2002) -- Martin Fowler, chief scientist at Thoughtworks, Inc. and author of numerous books on software design and process, discusses refactoring, design, testing, and extreme programming.

A Conversation with Sean Neville (August 2002) -- The former lead architect of Macromedia's JRun application server discusses JRun's object clustering architecture, and how Jini facilitated its implementation.

A Conversation with Ken Arnold (April 2002) -- The original lead architect of JavaSpaces discusses design in general, and the design of JavaSpaces in particular.

A Conversation with Bob Scheifler (April 2002) -- The lead architect of Jini's Davis project discusses Jini Security.

A Conversation with James Gosling (February 2002) -- Java's creator discusses semantic models, mobile behavior, abstraction versus vagueness, testing, and repetitive stress injury.

A Conversation with Josh Bloch (December 2001) -- The author of Effective Java talks about design.

A Conversation with Jim Waldo (November 2001) -- Jini's chief architect discusses mobility, change, reliability, enterprise distributed computing, and more.

A Conversation with James Gosling (May 2001) -- Java's creator discusses inheritance and composition, JSPs and Servlets, community design processes, and more.

A Conversation with James Gosling (May 2000) -- Java's creator speaks on developer tools, the realtime JVM, mobile objects, strict interfaces, and more.

A Conversation with James Gosling (May 1999) -- Java's creator speaks on interfaces and protocols, servers and services, Jini, Java in the enterprise, and more.

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