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Objects and Java Seminar


Summary: This course will take you through the full extent of the Java language and introduce you to several of the core APIs. A special emphasis is placed on understanding Java's object-oriented nature and on effective use of the language constructs, such as interfaces, exceptions, and threads.

Audience: This course is designed for experienced programmers who want to learn Java.

Duration: Five days, lecture and lab

Objective: Upon completing this seminar, students will be able to write Java applets and applications, understand object-oriented programming as it applies to Java, understand the strengths and weaknesses of Java, and use the graphical user interface, networking, and RMI facilities of the Java API.

Prerequisites: The student should be an experienced programmer.

Topics: See an outline of the seminar with links to the slides and handouts used for each lecture.

To contact Bill about giving this seminar in-house, please e-mail him at

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