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Jini and Distributed Computing Seminar


Summary: This course covers's I/O streams, socket-based network programming with, and remote method invocation and dynamic code downloading with RMI, using JavaSpaces, the Jini lookup service, and Jini programming model. A special emphasis is placed on understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile objects (RMI stubs, Jini service objects, etc.) in your distributed system designs.

Audience: This course is designed for Java programmers who want to come up to speed on distributed computing with Java in general, and using mobile objects in distributed systems with RMI and Jini in particular.

Duration: Three days, lecture and lab

Prerequisites: The student should be an experienced Java programmer.

Topics: See an outline of the seminar with links to the slides and handouts used for each lecture.

To contact Bill about giving this seminar in-house, please e-mail him at

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