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Books about Jini and JavaSpaces


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Here's a list of books I recommend for programmers interested in Jini and/or JavaSpaces. Each entry is linked to the page at where you can order the book online. (If you order a book before it's published, the book will be shipped to you as soon as it becomes available.)

JavaSpaces: Principles, Patterns, and Practice, by Eric Freeman, Susanne Hupfer, and Ken Arnold, is a great introduction to programming distributed systems with JavaSpaces, programming distributed systems with the Jini programming model, and, for that matter, programming distributed systems in general.
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Books about Jini and JavaSpaces
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Jini/JavaSpaces Books

JavaSpaces: Principles, Patterns, and Practice
Eric Freeman, Susanne Hupfer, Ken Arnold
I am very impressed by this book. It's well written, with easy to understand and well-explained code examples. It shows with its many examples how JavaSpaces can be used to simplify the design of solutions to problems common to many distributed applications. It also covers Jini's programming model. I would recommend this book not just to anyone who is planning to use JavaSpaces, but also to anyone who is starting out doing distributed systems in general.

Jini in a Nutshell
Scott Oaks and Henry Wong
I did a technical review of this book for the publisher, and liked it a lot. One of the things I felt it pointed out well was the way in which Jini is designed to deal with the special characteristics of distributed systems programming: partial failure, latency, and limited bandwidth. The book gives an succinct overviews of all the Jini topics, and several nice code examples.

Core Jini
W. Kieth Edwards
This book gives a very good and detailed introduction and overview of Jini technology. If you are looking for a "Jini book," either to just learn what Jini is all about or to try and get your Jini programs up and running, this is the book.

Professional Jini
Sing Li
One thing I like about this book is that it starts out in Part I giving a lot of background information about network programming with sockets and distributed computing with RMI and CORBA to help put Jini in context. In Part II the book goes in depth into Jini and JavaSpaces. Part III of the book presents several applications of Jini in the real world written by people actually using Jini. I myself in particular enjoyed the nine page discussion of ServiceUI starting on page 467.

A Programmer's Guide to Jini Technology
Jan Newmarch
I did a technical review of this book as it was being written and can recommend it highly. This book is basically Jan's popular web tutorial transformed into a printed book. If you liked his web tutorial, you'll likely like his book.

The Jini Specification
Ken Arnold, Bryan O'Sullivan, Robert W. Scheifler, Jim Waldo, Ann Wollrath
This book contains all the Jini specifications, which are also available in PDF form from JavaSoft. Thus, its main advantage is that it offers a convenient package for the specifications, which are the best way to really get to understand this technology. Having lugged printouts of all the PDF forms of the specs to Europe, I welcome the book. Appendix A contains a paper titled "A Note on Distributed Computing," which gives insights into the philosphy that drove the designers of Jini technology to not treat "remoteness" as an implementation detail of objects. Part I of the book gives a quick introduction to Jini and walks you through creating a Jini client and service.

Jini Community Summit Booklist

All of these books were either on a booklist passed out at the first Jini Community Summit, or sitting on a table outside the main meeting room. It was such an eclectic combination of books that I thought others interested in Jini might find it interesting.

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