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The Place Project


This page contains links to materials documenting the progress of the place project at, which aims to provide a framework that helps people (not software) to find and use Jini services on the network. This material represents the current best amalgamation of the ideas contributed by all the people who are participating in the place project. All comments are welcome and should be e-mailed to

To participate in, or just keep track of, the development of the Place API, including definition of well-known interfaces and classes, join a mailing list for the place project at

Some articles by Bill Venners:

Other resources:

Here are the first Jini services on the internet:

To run the above services, you need to use the Montage browser.

The following information is now out of date, but is left for those who like to dig around to get an historical perspective:

Here's a Proposal for a URLName Entry, which would give a fourth component to the already existing jini: URL.

On October 7, 2000, Berco Beute put up the first Jini Place service in Europe:

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