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auto scrolling JTextArea in SWING

Posted by Teppo on October 21, 2000 at 6:35 AM

Move the JScrollPane's vertical scrollBar down after appending the String:

_pane.getVerticalScrollBar().setValue(_logText.getHeight() - _logText.getVisibleRect().height );

> I have exactly the same problem, and I have found an answer yet.
> I have been looking around for a week, but still not found a correct solution.
> My solution is:
> private void addText(String s) {
> _logText.append(s);

> _logText.getCaret().setDot( _logText.getText().length() );
> _pane.scrollRectToVisible(_logText.getVisibleRect() );

> this.paint(this.getGraphics()); // should use "paintImmediately" but not usable for JDialog in 1.2 (should be in 1.3)
> }

> where _logText is the JTextArea and and _pane is the JScrollPane using _logText.
> However this solution is not ideal as it is only scrolling when all the inserts in the JTextArea are finished.
> If any one has a correct solution, let me know.

> > Hi,

> > In the AWT if I create a TextArea and then keep feeding information to that
> > TextArea, it scrolls automatically to show me to most recently appended text
> > in the component. However if use the swing equivalent, JTextArea this
> > doesn't happen even if I wrap this class in a JScrollPane. It does bring up
> > the scrollbar when text gets too much to fit in the window, but it doesn't
> > automatically scroll down to show me the latest added text.

> > Is there anyway I can change this?

> > Thanks a lot,
> > Russell


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