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RE: System.out.print("\033c");

Posted by BigFaceChief on December 02, 2001 at 1:09 PM

Try this to clear a console screen:

System.out.print("\ 033c");

> I am trying to find out how to clear an msdos screen using java
> In c++, there was a function called clrscr() which used to serve
> this purpose - java does not seem to have anything similiar.
> I have looked everywhere for a solution, and tried many different
> suggestions none of which work.
> For was suggested to use ANSI terminal sequences,
> but this failed..
> also tried the following -
> Runtime r = Runtime.getRuntime ();
> Process p = r.exec ("cmd /c cls");
> but what this was doing was clearing another thread - not the
> main one i was working on.
> I need a way of using the above to clear the main thread, or some
> alternate suggestion of a solution that ppl might be aware of.
> This is an urgent issue and would appreciate any and all assistance.
> rgds.
> Allan


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