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April 2001



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ans hello pussy!

Posted by sunil batra on May 01, 2001 at 5:28 AM

yes it will work but MFC IDE should be strong enough to hold the java applicationg with the help of ORB or u can use externalization with the help of transient method.
Some time it may so happen about the comapatibility for that u have to use IDE help which is there embedded in netscape browser to gei into VC++ code.

> > Hello,

> > I have a complete Java application and a VC++ IDE.
> > Now I'd like to join the two by running the Java application
> > inside a MFC-window if that is possible. I can already invoke
> > the application and communicate with it, but integrating it
> > into that window would make the work round.

> > Any ideas?

> > Best regards

> > Stefan


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