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Regarding Sort.

Posted by Bhushan Madan on June 20, 2001 at 12:22 PM

I would like to know, which gives faster result, sort using java or using oracle sort queries. I mean,
I am developing an application wherein, I need to pull data from Mainframe database using MQ Series & display it on web. I have two ways to do it.
1) Pull the data from mainframe & put in temparory table in Oracle & then sort the table as needed using sql query & display the results on web page.
2) Pull the data from mainframe & pass it on to java code which sorts the data based on particular field & then display it on web page.

Note : Sorting will be done only on 1 column at a time.
Which method will give me faster results method 1 or method 2?

Awaiting your suggestions..


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