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Not Sorted Properly

Posted by Fisher on June 28, 2001 at 4:12 AM

> I use TreeSet to contain objects.

> PseudoCode:
> Object o = m_TreeSet.first();
> boolean b = m_TreeSet.remove (o);
> Object o1 = m_TreeSet.first();

> After program runs some time, this piece of code does not do
> what it should do, i.e. remove() return a false.
> o (Object), which is not null, is not be removed from the container.
> That is that o1 is the same as o.

> Please help me to avoid this isue.

> Thanks a lot.


I worked on this problem for two days. Finally, I found the reason,
which is because I changed the member variables in the objects of
TreeSet container, thus TreeSet Object is not sorted properly anymore.

In summary, some functions in TreeSet will fail when it is not sorted properly.



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