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August 2000



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Is it possible to implement Class references in Java?

Posted by Gavin Kingsley on August 13, 2000 at 6:12 PM

I come from a Delphi/Object Pascal background. In that language it is easy to define a type

TShapeClass = class of TShape;

I can then have some method that accepts these class references:
procedure SomeMethod(NewShape: TShapeClass)
Shape: TShape;
Shape := NewShape.create(X, Y);

If TBox is a subclass of TShape, I can pass in a reference to TBox into my SomeMethod and have it construct new instances of that class.

I haven't seen how to do this in Java. Any suggestions? My implementation at the moment uses the Abstract Factory design pattern (someMethod takes a ShapeFactory as a parameter, so it can also accept a BoxFactory) but that seems a little like overkill.


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