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RE: Substring

Posted by Kishori Sharan on August 20, 2000 at 1:07 AM

Hi Kurram
First get the index of the last slash. Whenever you want to know the index of the first occurrance a character in a string from the end of the string you have to use lastIndexOf () method of String class. Then to get the string after last slash you have to use substring ( ) method. I have writtem a small program below. Hope it will help you. Instead of first storing the string in an object of string class you can also use a code like this
filename = "C:/kurram/file1.tif".substring ( "c:/kurram/file1.tif".lastIndexOf ( "/" ) + 1 ) ;

I mean you can also treat string literal ( an string withing quotes e.g. "kurram" ) as an object of String class and you can call a method of String class on them as shown above.
class FileName {
public static void main ( String[] args ) {
String fpath = "C:/kishori/file1.gif" ;

// Get the index of last slash
int lastSlashPos = fpath.lastIndexOf ( "/" ) ;

// Here you should check for lastSlashPos value > 0
String fname = fpath.substring ( lastSlashPos +1 ) ;
System.out.println ( fname ) ;


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